MINISTRY: Next CD Will Be Fastest And Heaviest In A Decade

April 25, 2002

MINISTRY's forthcoming studio CD, entitled Animositisomina, will be the group's fastest and heaviest offering since 1992's Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs, according to mainman Al Jourgensen.

“This new record is harder than getting hit over the head with a shovel full of cement,” Jourgensen told MTV. “The title is the word 'animosity' spelled forward and backwards, so it's animosity through and through. We only have one song that's even sort of slow, so it's definitely all too fast for a Boca Raton retirement community. I'm pretty amazed by it all considering we're all in our 70s.

“We're just pissed. We're a bunch of old, cranky men now. It's lyrically all autobiographical and it's about relationships over the long term and the short term. I've moved back to Texas and experienced a lot of things in my life that have gotten me pretty cranky — enough to chase the kids off my lawn, anyway. I yell at them when they interrupt Wheel of Fortune.”

“Punk rock inspired us not because of the music, but because of the attitude, and we're still punk rockers," Paul Barker added. "The world is still f---ed up and our society is completely hypocritical. There's still plenty to be enraged about.”

MINISTRY have thus far completed five songs for the forthcoming album, including the title cut, "Crucial Bitch" and "Impossible", while another seven are currently in the works.

Animositisomina is tentatively due in the fall through Sanctuary Records.

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