May 30, 2010

7Hard has announced the signing of MINUETUM for the release of the band's debut album, entitled "Haunted Spirit". The CD, featuring Jason Mercury (ex-OUTLOUD) on guitar, and Ignacio Lopez (SELIGER, LORD KRAVEN) on bass and Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND, REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE, OUTLOUD) as a guest musician on guitar, was produced by Katsionis and mixed and mastered by Timo Tolkki (STRATOVARIUS, REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE). It will be made available in Europe on July 2.

According to a press release, the new MINUETUM album is "a classic keyboard-based power metal album highly influence by Scandinavian power metal band like STRATOVARIUS and SONATA ARCTICA. All songs are based on the keyboard melodies of founding member and main composer Dimitris Melidis, a combination of neoclassical keyboard melodies with heavy and fast rhyme and lead guitars, typical power metal double bass-drums and atmospheric elements."

"Haunted Spirit" track listing:

01. Sky Minuet
02. The Dark Half
03. Tribe Is Calling
04. Follow Us
05. Key To Glory
06. Hero Devine
07. Time To Fly
08. The Ghost King
09. Into The Night
10. Eternal Twilight

Recording lineup:

Dimitris Zaharopoulos - Vocals
Jason Mercury - Guitar
Ignacio Lopez - Bass
Dimitris Melidis - Kayboards, Piano
Nick Parotidis - Drums
Bob Katsionis - Guitar (guest musician)

MINUETUM was formed in Athens in 2007 by Dimitris Melidis and Dimitris Zacharopoulos.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/minuetum.

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