MOB RULES: 'Astral Hand' Video To Debut This Week

October 14, 2009

"Astral Hand", the new video from German metallers MOB RULES, will be premiered on Friday, October 16 on iMusic 1 TV. It will then be shown every Friday and Saturday on iMusic1 Rocks between 11 p.m. and midnight.

The "Astral Hand" clip was filmed in April 18 at Jahnhalle in Nordenham, Germany. Directing the video was Ronald Mattes from ROAX Film, who also worked with the band on the "Black Rain" and "Last Farewell" clips.

MOB RULES will release its sixth album, "Radical Peace", on November 13 via AFM Records. The CD was recorded at Bazement Studio with longtime engineer Markus Teske (VANDEN PLAS, SPOCK'S BEARD, OASIS). A single, "Astral Hand", preceded the full-length CD on October 9.

"Radical Peace" track listing:

01. Children Of The Flames
02. Trial By Fire
03. Warchild
04. Astral Hand

The Oswald File (Ethnolution II: A Matter Of Unnecessary Doubt)

05. Chapter I (Prologue)
06. Chapter II (Desperate Son)
07. Chapter III (11.30 a.m.)
08. Chapter IV (Unnecessary Doubt?)
09. Chapter V (A Dead Man..s Face)
10. Chapter VI (Did You Reach The Sun?)
11. Waiting For The Sun
12. The Glance Of Fame

According to a press release, "Radical Peace" "presents a multitude of stylistic variations and effective surprises in a musical direction that is clearly and consciously not watered-down by pseudo-modern frippery. [MOB RULES'] tight interaction between deep melodic vocals, two powerful guitars, atmospheric keyboard passages and a driving basic rhythm is rare among European bands. Beyond that, MOB RULES have established an excellent reputation based on their five previous albums, which the band themselves consider to be outside the typical hard 'n' heavy pigeonhole: with critical lyrics about environmental pollution, the politics of the Catholic Church in medieval times and the alarming political situation in the Middle East on their early albums, MOB RULES shine again with fascinating and witty stories."

The press release continues: "The focal point of the album is the 18-minute epic 'The Oswald File'. This number is about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and raises the question whether the alleged killer Harvey Lee Oswald (who was later shot himself) really was responsible for Kennedy's death. With this song, MOB RULES continue their concept of memorable political moments in world history, which they started on 'Ethnolution A.D.' (2006)."

"We all know that Kennedy played an important role in the reconstruction of Germany," guitarist Matthias Mineur says of the track. Vocalist Klaus Dirks adds: "At the moment, this topic has gained new relevance through the new U.S. president Barack Obama, who is celebrated as Kennedy's quasi-heir. And as luck would have it, Obama will be coming to Berlin on a state visit four days before the release of 'Radical Peace'." This automatically brings to mind Kennedy's legendary speech featuring the unforgettable words "Ich bin ein Berliner," which were used as the intro to "The Oswald File".

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