MORTIFICATION: Nine Titles To Be Reissued

January 21, 2008

Poland's Metal Mind Productions will reissue nine titles from Australia's Christian metallers MORTIFICATION in February. The list includes eight CDs — "Scrolls of The Megilloth", "Post Momentary Affliction", "Blood Wold", "Primitive Rhythm Machine", "Envision Evangelene", "Triumph of Mercy", "Hammer Of God", "The Silver Cord Is Severed" (expanded with additional CD "10 Years Live Not Dead") — and the "Conquer The World" DVD.

Due on February 11 (April 15 in the U.S. via MVD),the remastered limited-edition CD digipack titles (limited to 2,000 copies) will be made available on golden disc, digitally remastered using 24-bit technology. The "Conquer The World" DVD will be released on February 25 (May 13 in the U.S. via MVD).

"Blood World" bonus tracks:

01. Altar Of God (Studio)
02. New Beginnings (Live)
03. Bloodworld (Live)
04. Entering The Eternal Dawn (Studio)

"Envision Evangelene" bonus tracks:

01. Envision A Beginning (Live)
02. Buried In To Obscurity (Live)
03. Chapel Of Hope (Live)
04. Peace In The Galaxy (Live)

"Hammer of God" bonus tracks:

01. Hammer Of God (Live)
02. Martyrs (Live)
03. Liberal Mediocrity (Live)

"Post Momentary Affliction" bonus tracks:

01. Butchered Mutilation (Studio)
02. Grind Planetarium (Live)
03. Distarnish Priest (Live)
04. From The Valley Of Shadows (Live)

"Primitive Rhythm Machine" bonus tracks:

01. Primitive Rhythm Machine (Live)
02. Mephibosheth (Live)
03. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order (Live)
04. J.G.S.H (Live)
05. Killing Evil (Live)

"Scrolls of the Megilloth" bonus tracks:

01. Time Crusaders (live)
02. Inflamed (live)
03. The Destroyer Beholds (live)

"The Silver Cord Is Severed / 10 Years Live Not Dead" bonus tracks:

01. Priests Of The Underground (studio)
02. Purest Intent (studio)
03. 12 Men (studio)
04. I'm Not Your Commodity (studio)

"Triumph of Mercy" bonus tracks:

01. Dead Man Walking (Studio)
02. Influence (Live)
03. God Shape Void (Studio)
04. 3 Of A Kind (Studio)

"Conquer The World" bonus tracks - Live at the Blackstump Festival, Australia 2002:

01. Metal Blessing
02. Brutal Warfare
03. Grind Planetarium
04. 3 Of a Kind

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