MOTÖRHEAD: 'Be My Baby' Video Posted Online

September 7, 2006

MOTÖRHEAD's video for the song "Be My Baby" has been posted online at this location (Real Media). The track comes off the band's brand new CD, "Kiss of Death", which has entered the national album charts in the following countries:

Germany: #4
Norway: #9
Sweden: #13
Austria: #20
Switzerland: #26
U.K.: #45
Denmark: #53

"Kiss of Death" was recorded at the Paramount studios in Los Angeles with Cameron Webb, who also worked with the group on their last effort. The CD includes guest appearances by POISON guitarist C.C. Deville and ALICE IN CHAINS bassist Mike Inez.

"It's better than 'Inferno', and 'Inferno' seems to be the favorite of the later years so far," MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy recently said. "It's better songs. Better arrangements and a better performance from me vocally, and a better performance from Phil Campbell on the guitar; he plays great on the songs."

Lemmy is also seeing some more exposure in rock magazines (and in the pages of Maxim). In Revolver magazine, Matt Pike of HIGH ON FIRE interviews his idol, and Bass Guitar magazine contains a feature which includes Lemmy's top five favorite rhythm sections, according to

Maxim magazine's October issue begins an ongoing monthly column with Lemmy where he invests an imaginary sum in a variety of stocks and the magazine will track their progress. And the stocks Lemmy chose? They include the makers of his smoke and drink of choice, since he "personally keeps them in business."

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