MOTÖRHEAD Crank Up The Volume At London's Royal Opera House

February 24, 2004

MOTÖRHEAD played the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden in central London on Sunday night, raising the rafters at the home of classical opera in London as part of a publicity stunt to boost tourism to the British capital, according to the South African Press Association.

The band, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the loudest in the world, played a range of 120 decibel numbers in the Vilar Floral Hall at the invitation-only concert, the first in the "One Amazing Week".

The Times critic said tongue-in-cheek the group was an appropriate act for the venue, pointing to "their obvious homage to the Wagnerian end of the repertoire so elegantly expressed by their well-placed umlaut" — the group spells its name with two dots over the second O.

He also remarked on their "adherence to black leather and their highly operatic concern with violence, extreme emotional states and last things described in such songs as 'Bomber', 'Damage Case' and 'Killed by Death'."

Lemmy's voice could best be described as the kind of heroic tenor need for roles like Siegfried, the critic said.

The band closed its set in traditional style with "God Save the Queen" — the version made famous by Johnny Rotten of the SEX PISTOLS.

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