MOTÖRHEAD's LEMMY Gets Trademark Hat Back

April 27, 2003

The distinctive hat owned and worn by MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy Kilmister has been returned to its rightful owner after it was stolen from the backstage area last May. "It's got everything still on it!" Lemmy waxed enthusiastically to Reality Check TV's Edward "Ace" Annese, referring to the various ornaments the hat had on it. Apparently, an unnamed fan "saw it at a party in Portland (Oregon),and when no one was looking, nicked it back", said Lemmy, beaming. The fan then drove all the way from Portland to Seattle, Washington to deliver it personally, gaining Lemmy's eternal gratitude. "Now that's dedication, man!" exclaimed Lemmy.

The hat in question was mysteriously plundered from the backstage area of MOTÖRHEAD's last San Francisco show on May 17, 2002 at the now-defunct club Townsend. The theft occurred during a 30-minute window between the beginning of the encore and the end of the show. Lemmy had worn the hat on stage for the main set. A hat jokingly purported to be Lemmy's later surfaced at Amoeba Records in San Francisco, with a sign reading "Lemmy's Hat, $1000", which momentarily was thought to be the real thing by some fans.

The black hat — a cross between a pirate hat and cowboy hat — is of great sentimental value to Lemmy. He bought it at a truck stop while on tour many years ago, and he personalized it with his own original decorations and designs. The hat, which has become Lemmy's trademark, is made of brushed, soft cloth although it is "hard" and maintains its shape.

(Thanks: Edward "Ace" Annese / Reality Check TV)

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