MÖTLEY CRÜE Bassist NIKKI SIXX Is Working With 'Badass Team' To Get In Shape For 'The Stadium Tour'

December 19, 2019

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx says that he is working with a "badass team" to get him in shape for the band's upcoming "The Stadium Tour" with DEF LEPPARD, POISON and JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS.

The rocker, who underwent two rotator cuff surgeries in the past couple of years, admitted that he "got soft and gained some weight" following the completion of the CRÜE's "farewell" tour of 2014/2015.

On Wednesday night, Sixx took to his social media to post side-by-side photos of his physical metamorphosis since he began "pushing weights around" in his quest to gain more muscle.

"I've always believed in being transparent in all my affairs including books, lyrics and interviews," he wrote. "I am the first to admit when I got off the Final Tour my body was pretty trashed from decades of playing heavy metal. I had both knees fixed, double hernia repair,left hip replaced, left rotator and bicep reattached and after tearing all the rotators off my right shoulder breaking basses I had to do a major surgery ( Lower Trapezius transfer) that involved moving back muscles and using grafs to put me back together. I only have two rotators on my right side. A bitch to gain size in my chest but fuck that. So after all that drama you can imagine how stagnant I got. Got soft and gained some weight. Recovery is a bitch whether it's drugs, alcohol or in this case multiple surgeries.

"Heres a progress photo. IT's been hard work doing PT and pushing weights around and I am not even close to where I wanna be when the tour starts. Cardio is a whole other conversation. Gotta put the time in and the real muscle is between your ears. You gotta know what your doing or have people help you. I have a bad ass team. @genesisperformance @eatmacromeals @platinumathletics and @honbopt (Best PT out there).

"This bottom photo is a few weeks old. I weigh in soon again and I'll share my newest progress. Wanna gain 10 more pounds of muscle.

"For anybody who thinks injuries and surgeries will hold you back I hope you know only you can hold you back. #ProgressNotPerfection #OpenBook"

MÖTLEY CRÜE manager Allen Kovac admitted in a recent interview with Fox Business that "some of" the members of the band are working with trainers and nutritionists to get in shape for the band’s upcoming reunion tour. Kovac was referring to criticism of CRÜE singer Vince Neil for his supposed diminished singing ability and weight gain, as well as the health status of guitarist Mick Mars, who has been dealing with a chronic form of arthritis that led him to undergo a hip replacement.

Kovac explained: "Some of them are working with a trainer, some of them are working with a nutritionist to make themselves the best they can be. The greatest insecurity for an artist is: Is anyone going to care about my music? Is anyone going to buy a ticket? We were in November when the discussions were happening, and these guys were already into regimens of how they get ready for a tour."

Speaking specifically about Neil, Kovac added: "Let's see what Vince sings like and looks like when the tour goes out."

"The Stadium Tour" will kick off on June 21 in San Antonio, Texas and will include newly announced gigs in Kansas City, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati and Cleveland. The trek marks CRÜE's first live dates since wrapping its 2014/2015 farewell tour. The band toured with POISON back in 2011 and DEF LEPPARD teamed up with POISON for a string of road dates in 2017 — but the upcoming jaunt marks the first time all four acts have hit the road together for an extended tour.

I’ve always believed in being transparent in all my affairs including books,lyrics and interviews. I am the first to...

Posted by Nikki Sixx on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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