February 1, 2002

MOTLEY CRUE's Nikki Sixx will play bass on the forthcoming solo album from former MARVELOUS 3 frontman Butch Walker—the singer's first under his new deal with for Arista Records—according to the latest “Rock'n'Roll Diary” entry from the bassist at the group's official web site at Here is Sixx's posting in its entirety:

“Practicing patience is something I've never been good at, but in learning the trade of sitting on my hands, I'm seeing things starting to work themselves out. In a few weeks, I'll need to make a decision on what ill do for the next few months. It's good to know the CRUE is in hibernation for at least 9 more months, so I can let that monster recharge under the bed. Even when CRUE sleeps, it seems to eat up lots of my energy and time. We have the movie deal in the works [for the group's recent autobiography The Dirt], the paperback coming in April, and a DVD 'Greatest Hits' coming this summer. Of course, none of this happens without hundreds of phone calls and meetings and goddamn e-mails. Not exactly what I call making music, so I feel the need set into action what it is I do. Play bass, goddamnit…

“Today was a good start… I played bass on some of Butch Walker's solo album…f.cking great songwriter. Check out the MARVELOUS 3 (ready sex go) if ya wanna taste of what the boy is up to… I'm going back Monday to do some more tracking. Butch thinks he is getting a great deal, 'cause all I want is coffee, cigarettes and to laugh a lot. I think it's me that's really getting the most outta it. It just feels good to play rock n roll….

“So I've been getting new tattoos, talking to the [MOTLEY CRUE current and former members] a lot…. Talked to Vinnie [singer Vince Neil]. He's going to Europe to jam (right on). Talked to [ex-drummer] Tommy [Lee] (he's playing me his new record on Saturday). Talked to [drummer] Randy Castillo (he's got a new band with [ex-ALICE IN CHAINS/current SPYZ4DARWIN bassist] Mike Inez). Talked to [guitarist] Mick Mars (he's just chillin' with his Strat)…

“[Wife] Donna breaks ground on her new spa (DK Renu) tomorrow. How f.cking cool is that…. I told her when it goes big, I'll just be a kept man…kinda like her boy-toy…no not kinda…I AM her boy-toy… Sixx.”

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