MOTRHEAD Guitarist On Playing With KISS At DOWNLOAD: 'We're Not Intimidated At All'

June 13, 2008 reports that MOTRHEAD have declared that they are more than a match for Download Festival headliners KISS and fellow metal veterans JUDAS PRIEST.

The trio, who are due to appear ahead of their metal heavyweights on the Main Stage this afternoon (June 13),said they don't feel "intimidated" by their peers.

"We're not intimidated at all," said guitarist Phil Campbell. "We're gonna do our best and have a great time. It'll be a lot of fun.

"If it was just a KISS and tour they could have called it 'Kiss My Ass'. No seriously though there's something for everyone at this festival, it's a lot of fun. There are so many bands playing and it's early summer."

The metal veterans also revealed that there will be no new material, and the band will stick to a greatest hits set.


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