MOURNING BELOVETH Begin Writing New Material

June 20, 2006

Irish doom metal act MOURNING BELOVETH have posted the following message on their official web site:

"Back from tour with PRIMORDIAL, MOONSORROW and our labelmates GARDENS OF GEHENNAH and it was probably the best tour yet, well organised, well attended and some great reactions. We even got to play Hungary, Vienna and Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig where we hadn't been before and each night we were shouted back for more, even some slow handclapping some nights. Sold out shows in Arnheim and Biebob told the story of the tour really. People appreciating bands who play from the heart and not the usual merry-go-round of touring bands. Last weekend saw us appear with PRIMORDIAL again in London, another triumph for Irish metal as the attendance was close to the 300 mark. A great crowd response and some dodgy singing in the Intrepid fox later made sure we would be remembered.

"As you know we are confirmed for Party.San [Open Air festival] in Germany on August 12th, we play at 3pm…should be a nice sunny day for some miserable music and just confirmed this week we will be playing on August 10th at Brutal Assault festival in Czechoslovakia very late in the evening …all this coming on the back of the annual trek to Wacken and it should lead to a few lost livers and braincells.

"July should see the re-release, through Grau, of our first two albums, namely 'Dust' and 'The Sullen Sulcus' with no new material added however the artwork of 'Dust' will be slightly changed in line with our new paymasters…haha.

"The new album is coming along slowly, being broken up every few weeks with another gig but we are now going to concentrate on writing for the next few months. One song written already and a lot of ideas floating around but too early to tell anything yet."

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