MUSHROOMHEAD Perform As 'SLIPKNOT' In Front Of Home State Crowd

February 1, 2005

The following was sent to us by a BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor from Ohio: "At MUSHROOMHEAD's three recent Northeast Ohio shows, the band reportedly wore SLIPKNOT costumes/masks for their entire set. The band also did an interview on WMMS this past Sunday night (Jan. 30) and talked about the SLIPKNOT outfits. They said they did it solely for fun and to get a reaction from the crowd. There's no hidden agenda behind them wearing them."

A posting on MUSHROOMHEAD's official message board from a fan that attended the Jan. 27 show at Peabody's in Cleveland reads as follows:

"The stage was covered by a sheet and lights started coming in from the other side so you could see silhouettes of members (mostly Waylon). At the same time SLIPKNOT-esque samples of 'The Whole Thing I Think is STOLEN' were playing. The sample sounded exactly like it really does, except with the different words.

Waylon was Corey
Bronson was Mick Thomson
Gravy was Jim Root
Jeffrey was Chris (boner nose)
Stitch was Sid
Schmotz was Craig
Skinny was Joey
Pig Benis was Paul
I'm positive that the merch guy was Shawn (The Clown)...he even had a keg to beat on. It was fuckin awesome.

"They opened up with 'Before I Die'... After it ended, Waylon screamed 'Is this special enough for you?' People started chanting 'Fuck SLIPKNOT'... Waylon then screamed, 'Come on, don't be afraid to say it,' which made everyone start the chant back up. I think they played 'Bwomp' afterwards, but I don't remember if they took the masks off or not. The crowd was brutal and I loved it. The last song of the night, which I don't remember what it was...had 'Clown' return. He was rolling around the stage just like he does for SLIPKNOT.


MUSHROOMHEAD performed as "SLIPKNOT" at the following dates:

Jan. 27 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
Jan. 28 - Akron, OH - Amp
Jan. 29 - Geneva, OH - The Cove Niteclub

If anyone's got pictures, feel free to send them over.

For a detailed look at the origins of the MUSHROOMHEAD vs. SLIPKNOT "feud", read this April 2000 article from the Cleveland Scene.

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