MUSHROOMHEAD Vocalist Says There is No More Beef With SLIPKNOT

September 14, 2009

MUSHROOMHEAD vocalist Waylon Reavis has told Noisecreep that his band's fierce rivalry with SLIPKNOT — which has consisted mostly of insult-trading and has unfolded, largely, through the media — is behind them. "It's been 10 years at this point, and we're still here and they're still there. And we still don't sound like each other," says Waylon. "They're not the first masked band, we're not ... no one was. I think there's a BEATLES video where they're wearing masks and costumes.

"With music, I've always been into theatrics," Waylon continues. "All of us are big into theatrics. I wish more bands dressed up and did the theatrical thing. People like seeing a show. They like visually being stimulated, and not just like a dude in a Hot Topic T-shirt and tight pants playing guitar that spent five hours on his hair. I'd rather see theatrics, I'd rather see a live action horror movie like right in front of me."

Watch Noisecreep's interview with MUSHROOMHEAD's St1tch and Waylon below.

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