4,000 Music Fans Play Air Guitar To GUNS N' ROSES, Claim World Record

July 18, 2005

BBC News has issued the following report:

A music festival in Surrey is claiming to have set a new world record for the biggest ever "air guitar ensemble."

More than 4,000 people by the main stage at Guilfest 2005, in Guildford, played air guitar to "Sweet Child O' Mine" by GUNS N' ROSES on Sunday.

Festival organisers said they were waiting for confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records.

The previous unofficial record was set in Finland by 3,500 people, but it was not witnessed by accredited officials.

The crowd were led in their rendition of "Sweet Child O' Mine" by former U.K. air guitar champions, Farmer John and Triple Slash.

Ben Welch from Triple Slash, who goes by the stage name of Slash 2, joked: "The crowd were sexy and we feel this record attempt was a landmark for western civilisation."

Guilfest organiser Tony Scott said: "We are thrilled to have broken the world record.

"This has always been a special festival... and obviously this year we have struck a new chord."

Check out photos of the world-record attempt at BBC News.

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