MY RUIN Frontwoman: 'This Is Going To Be Our Most Intense Record Yet'

October 9, 2006

MY RUIN lead vocalist Tairrie B., who was "seriously injured" in a car accident less than two weeks ago, has issued the following message via the group's MySpace page:

"Dear Friends,

"I am writing this letter on a good day. I am at home now and Mick [Murphy, MY RUIN guitarist and Tairrie's boyfriend] is taking care of me.

"As most of you know, I have recently been involved in a very serious and scary car accident. I have finally had a chance to read all the comments, emails and personal letters which have been posted and sent to me privately and I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of love and support. Your words and prayers have really meant a lot to me over these past ten days. I wanted to respond with my own two hands, unfortunately one of them is bandanged at the moment along with my arm so I will do my best to type this with one hand and two fingers as the medication kicks in.

"Bear with me...

"When Mick posted the blog about my injury, he did not want to say too much nor did we know the full story at that time. The truth is, I have never experienced something such as this. I have the most brutal injury of my life and we are in no way taking it lightly. According to Mick, it looks like a shark took a bite out of my arm.

"I haven't seen under the bandages yet because everyone feels it is best if I do not. Me too. I do know that I have a lot of stitches going up the top of my forearm towards the inside and I have a very large wound which is still open on the outside and kind of underneath my arm. This is the main source of my current physical pain.
Along with the wound, I have stitches which have sewn up a tear that exposed my muscles. This worried everyone the most because of the possibility of nerve damage to my hand.

"I am not allowed to move my fingers on my own because the muscles need to be calm and relaxed so Mick moves them for me, including my thumb and they all seem pretty responsive.

"We had a nurse for a couple days at the house and she taught Mick how to dress the wound. We had no idea how hard this would be but he is incredibly brave for doing what he is doing and helping me get through this in a huge way.

"I have one of the best surgeons in Los Angeles and I trust her totally.

"I will be going in for what we hope will be my final surgery and a skin graft next week on Friday the 13th. Yeah, I know, couldn't they have picked a better day?

"Well, it's going to be my 'lucky thirteen' so send some good vibes my way because I will feel them. Then it's onto recovery and rehab....the healing.

"When I think back to my week in the hospital laying in bed while my blood was being drained surrounded by fluffly pillows and looking at a shrine of flowers, gifts, cards and best wishes while tubes were coming out of my arm, it all feels a bit surreal.

"The last blog I wrote here was earlier in the evening on the night of the accident. It was to let everyone know that the next day we were to begin recording our new album. I had no idea that only hours after posting that blog, my life was about to change in many ways.

"While I cannot go into the details of what happened to me at this time, I will say that I was the passenger in a car of a friend, someone that I love very much and I am grateful that she and I are both alive today.

"PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ME ASKING PERSONAL QUESTIONS. I am writing as much as I can but some things are not for public knowledge.

"I have had two surgeries so far, lots of drugs, not much sleep and been in the company of some of the most amazing people I have known from my past to present days. When something like this happens, you find out fast who's who in your life and why. This is REALITY.

"I am very thankful to have so many beautiful and giving friends who would make the time to take care of me and spend long nights reading to me, laughing, crying and just talking with person and even on the phone from 3000 miles away and across the sea.

"While this is not an easy letter to type at this time, I felt I needed to. For me, writing is therapy. It's my release. It takes my mind off the pain and lets me purge. Each day is different mentally and physically and although I do not know what tomorrow will bring or how I will feel next week, I want everyone to know that your writing to me has meant the world.

"Although the guys questioned the idea of going into the studio as planned and considered postponing our recording because of my accident, I felt it necessary to stay on track. So we proceeded. I was with them in spirit from the start of the drums, through the bass and during ever solo of the guitars. They were with me in person on mornings at the hospital, throughout the days by phone and on my last night to bring me home as I was released Wednesday of last week. My guys have been so supportive of me. I have never felt so close to my band.

"We have finished recording all the music and have scheduled my vocals for late November if all goes well and I feel I am up to the studio. My arm may have to be in a sling when I scream but hey....if Kanye West could do it through the wire with his jaw bolted after his accident then I plan to give it my best with a battered arm.

"I know it is cliche to say but... this is going to be our most intense record yet. The one with the deepest fire and power behind it.

"Over the next few weeks and months, my focus will be on healing and becoming strong again so we can return as soon as possible.

"Forgive me if I do not answer all of the personal letters which have been sent here, to my other pages or via our website. This goes for Mick as well. We are simply unable to do so at this time. Please understand and know that we read everything that is sent to us.

"For those writing in regards to my October 'Blasphemous Girl Designs' collection, sadly I will be unable to post this month as hoped. As soon as I am able, I will.

"Once again, thank you all for the outpouring."

MY RUIN's recent U.K. and West Coast dates were in support of their latest CD, "The Brutal Language".

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