MYLES KENNEDY Has Written A 'Full-On MOTOWN'-Style Song For Second Solo Album

July 16, 2020

ALTER BRIDGE frontman Myles Kennedy spoke to "Offstage With DWP" about his forthcoming second solo album. Regarding the musical direction of the the LP and how it will be different from "Year Of The Tiger", which came out in March 2018, Myles said: "We finished up a run in the States, ALTER BRIDGE did, in February. And I think at that point, I kind of saw the writing on the wall with what could happen with this pandemic and whatnot. So I was, like, 'Well, there's a chance I could be home for a while, so I'm just gonna get right to work.' That was, like, 12 weeks ago or whatever. So I've been just in here [at my home studio] working non-stop. And it's evolved.

"'Year Of The Tiger', first of all, is a very dark record, and it's very stripped down, very acoustic based," he explained. "This one has elements of that. I wanted to keep a common thread with it. There are acoustic elements. There's definitely still that element of a lot of slide guitar, a lot of lap steel, 'cause I just love how emotive both those are. But it definitely rocks a little more. There's no doubt about it — this is more of a rock record, with kind of a heavy R&B undercurrent at times as well. There's even one song — if it makes the record — which is a full-on Motown thing.

"I've got so many [songs] right now," Myles added. "[The overall direction] is really gonna depend on what makes the record. I think I learned that from David Bowie interview, where he [said he] would try and write… He'd have 40 songs to choose from [for an album], so that way you can make the best statement you can."

Myles recently that he has "pretty much" demoed the entire next solo LP and has "basically started pre-production" on the effort, which will likely arrive in 2021.

Kennedy plans on using the "same team" that worked on "Year Of The Tiger" on the upcoming album, including producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette, engineer Jef Moll, as well as drummer Zia Uddin and bassist Tim Tournier.

Myles's tour in support of "Year Of The Tiger" featured music from the album as well as selections from Myles's work with ALTER BRIDGE, THE MAYFIELD FOUR and SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS.

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