NAPALM DEATH Members Guest On New LAST HOPE Album

January 29, 2007

NAPALM DEATH members Mark "Barney" Greenway (vocals) and Mitch Harris (guitar) laid down backing vocals for the song "Overcome" off the forthcoming album from Bulgaria's hardcore leaders LAST HOPE last Saturday (January 27) at Stain Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria. Right after the recordings were finished, the tapes were shipped off to Alex Azzali in Italy who is going to mix the entire album.

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As previously reported, Mark "Barney" Greenway has been forced to complete NAPALM DEATH's current European headlining tour while on crutches after he severely hurt his ankle during an on-stage mishap on Wednesday, January 24 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Two days after the incident took place, Greenway sat down with Vassil Varbanov of Tangra Mega Rock (web site) in Sofia, Bulgaria prior to the band's concert at the Hristo Botev Hall to discuss his decision to carry on with the tour despite his injury.

Vassil Varbanov: You've hurt your ankle very badly two days ago, as we can see. What exactly happened?

Barney: First of all, I have to apologize in advance for tonight, because I'm gonna be playing possibly from a chair on stage, you know, as I can't move around very much. What happened basically was that the stage we played on in Belgrade, Serbia, was uneven, and as people probably know, I cover quite a lot of stage area during every show, so unfortunately I misjudged and my full body weight went on my right ankle. My tendon is damaged, really quite badly, so at the moment I'm immobile. It's gonna be a couple of weeks for it to recover...

Vassil Varbanov: This is going to be a very amazing thing… It never happened — you performing on stage sitting on a chair!?

Barney: You know, it's happened to me once before, but never as bad as this. Mitch broke his foot a few years ago and played every night on a chair. I also would rather do that kind of thing than cancel a show. Some bands probably would, but I'm not prepared to do that... I've played shows with pneumonia, you know... A lot of kids wanna see this show tonight pretty badly, I know that, so even if my ankle is quite bad, it doesn't mean I'm not gonna do it. Of course, it's not going to be a regular show, as I'm not gonna be running around, but hopefully people will understand that…

Check out pictures of NAPALM DEATH's Mark "Barney" Greenway performing on crutches in Sofia, Bulgaria at Tangra Mega Rock.

(Thanks: Vassil Varbanov / Tangra Mega Rock)

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