NASTY SAVAGE Frontman Explains CHRIS JERICHO Collaboration

February 9, 2004

In a recent interview with, NASTY SAVAGE frontman "Nasty" Ronnie Galetti explained how WWE wrestler/FOZZY frontman Chris Jericho managed to guest on their new album, "Psycho Psycho", the band's first in over 14 years, "A buddy of mine who is a mutual friend of mine and Chris Jericho's was telling me that he knew Chris Jericho and that he was a die-hard NASTY SAVAGE fan," Ronnie said. "And I go, 'Oh really? That's cool.' And he goes, 'Nasty Ronnie, he would like to meet and have dinner with you.' So I said, 'Wow that's cool. I have a lot of respect for Chris. He's a professional wrestler and really good at what he does and he's a SAVAGE fan, so that makes him even better.'

"So we met one night for dinner [with] quite a few people. Chris sat right across from me and all he did was talk about NASTY SAVAGE for the first 35 minutes. He said when he was growing up in Canada, he would jam out to NASTY SAVAGE on the beach, playing volleyball, cranking it up big time. He just loved our albums. At the time we weren't doing anything, but when we got back with the band and we went in to record, I said, 'Why don't we get Chris Jericho and invite him to sing on a song?' Maybe he would. And he said 'Yeah, it would be an honor.' I thought it would be cool to start a relationship with the wrestling and Chris and FOZZY. It's good to network, and being he's a celebrity and certain status he has. We have a lot in common. He appreciates what I do. I produce a TV show — a motorcycle TV show and he respects that, so he was happy to do it and the day he came to the studio, he said he'd be there at 7 and he was there at 7. [He] did anything we wanted, even did a full interview for us...for like a full behind the scenes of 'Psycho Psycho', did some promos for my TV show, signed autographs, was a really fun time. Nothing but a real professional. Yeah, so I thought that was cool, and I [had] just seen on the WWE that Chris Jericho just laid down some tracks with NASTY SAVAGE." Read the entire interview here.

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