New GORELORD Album Title Announced

May 29, 2007

Former NECROPHAGIA/GRIMFIST guitarist Frediablo has set "Tales from the Grave" as the title of the new GORELORD album, tentatively due later in the year. "I am currently finding the right drum sound, and so far the stuff I've come up with is extremely heavy and crushing," says Frediablo. "Primitive? Hell yes!!"

Frediablo previously stated about the upcoming GORELORD CD, "This is NOT the 'Horrors from the Past' album, but an album that will feature brand new GORELORD songs in true downtuned, grinding, blood-soaked GORELORD fashion. As a result, 'Horrors from the Past' will be put on hold for now, as I wanna focus on this new material. I have also asked my good friend Mirai (SIGH) to contribute with some killer instrumental music for the feast, and he has gladly accepted my request.

"I will be going back to the GORELORD roots on this album, digging up cold bones and rotten flesh, as well as keeping things fresh sounding. In short terms... a bloody mixture of all three previous GORELORD albums. Heavy as fuck, dirty, vulgar, blasphemic, gory and soaked with brick-crushing grooves."

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