New Spider Species Named After Members Of IRON MAIDEN, SCORPIONS, DEF LEPPARD And ANGRA

October 19, 2019

According to Public Radio International, a Brazilian biologist who happens to be a heavy metal fan has named four new spider species after members of from IRON MAIDEN, SCORPIONS, DEF LEPPARD and ANGRA.

Cristina Rheims, a researcher at Sao Paulo'a biological research center Instituto Butantan, named the new spider species Extraordinarius bruceickinsoni, Extraordinarius klausmeinei, Extraordinarius rickalleni and Extraordinarius andrematosi after MAIDEN's Bruce Dickinson, DEF LEPPARD's Rick Allen, SCORPIONS' Klaus Meine and ANGRA's André Matos.

"This is the kind of music I like and I usually listen to," Rheims said.

"I've always wanted to honor Rick Allen because I think he's an example," she added. "You have a drummer that loses an arm, and he continues his career and he learns how to play with only one arm. So he's one of the Extraordinarius as well."

Responding to the news, Allen said: "I am honored! Thank you, Cristina Rheims! You rock!"

The new spider species are between one and two centimeters long, nocturnal and pose no danger to humans.

Photo courtesy of Instituto Butantan

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