NIGHTINGALE's DAN SWANÖ: New Album Is Most Professional-Sounding Record I've Done

October 1, 2002

NIGHTINGALE frontman Dan Swanö has issued the following update regarding the recently-completed recording sessions for the band's fourth album, entitled Alive Again:

"These five months have been pure hell... but yesterday was very rewarding. The mastering was a success, and when I listened through the album on the train ride home, I felt that special feeling in my guts that I haven't felt since I listened to Moontower the day that one was finished. It is by far the most professional sounding record I have ever done and I am actually feeling a bit proud of myself for not giving up when the times were rough and everything felt like it needed to be re-recorded. My whole personality has changed during this recording (I have actually lost more than 10% of my body weight!!),and I have chosen to live my life more healthy and have even got myself a gym card!!!!"

A five-minute " teaser MP3", featuring a medley of the songs "Shadowman", "Into the Light", "Eternal", and "Shadowland Serenade" can be downloaded from this location.

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