NIGHTWISH Composer Is Sole Proprietor Of Band Name

October 24, 2005

In the wake of the sacking of the group's lead singer, Tarja Turunen, in the form of an "open letter" posted on the band's web site, NIGHTWISH mainman/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen told the Finnish news agency STT on Monday (Oct. 24) that he and he alone owns the rights to the group's name.

The four male musicians of the band manage their business affairs through Scene Nation, a company founded in December 2003. The NIGHTWISH shop, part of Scene Nation, sells the records, videos, T-shirts and other merchandise to fans of the band.

"Tarja [Turunen] takes care of her business through the company of her husband," Holopainen told STT. Turunen's husband, Marcelo Cabuli, acts as his wife's manager.

Scene Nation had sales of 2.26 million euros (approx. $2.7 million) between October 2003 and the end of 2004. Profit had reached 1.4 million euros (approx. $1.67 million). The company has accrued debt of 580,000 euros (approx. $693,000).

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