NIGHTWISH Keyboardist Talks About The Making Of 'Once'

March 14, 2004

NIGHTWISH keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen recently spoke to Get Ready To ROCK! about the songwriting and recording process for the group's new album, "Once". Asked why they chose to record the orchestral parts for the album in London using the London Session Orchestra, Tuomas said, "Well the simple reason is that we really wanted to have the best, you know. It sounds kinda corny, but we wanted to have the best no matter the costs, and our record engineer Mikko Karmila, he had some connections with Pip Williams who is doing the arrangements and he recommended him to us. We contacted him and he was very interested in us and then he booked the orchestra for us. To be honest, the whole thing, the orchestra, it costs like twice as much as the whole previous album altogether. But it doesn't matter because the result is so awesome. So I'm very proud to be working with them."

With regards to whether "Once" was a more difficult album to write than its predecessor, 2002's "Century Child", Tuomas said, "['Century Child'] was very difficult and this one was equally difficult, but it's been more fun than ever though. I mean it's been in a very positive spirit, both for me and for the whole band. The whole process has been really smooth even though it has been really difficult and really long but we're all having the time of our lives here. I think that there is a bit of a positive touch to this album, more than before. Just fun, having fun doing what we're doing." Read the rest of the interview here.

As previously reported, "Nemo", the first single off the group's forthcoming CD, is due on April 19 through Spinefarm Records. The band recently shot a video for the track with renowned director Antti Jokinen, who has previously directed music videos for such international artists as CELINE DION, EMINEM and SHANIA TWAIN. "Once" is scheduled for release on June 7 through Spinefarm. A U.S. release date for the album has yet to be announced.

NIGHTWISH will launch their world tour in support of "Once", dubbed "Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005", this summer. The trek is expected to last until the autumn of 2005.

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