December 19, 2002

MÖTLEY CRÜE/BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message in the "Rock'n'Roll Diary" section of CRÜE's official web site:

"The first BRIDES shows went really well. We walked onstage sans intro tape, effects, or anything — just cold and raw. It was announced that a local band was playing and that's all the crowd knew. All we knew was MUDVAYNE's audience might be as open us to how I've seen CRÜEheads in the past to other bands — in other words, 'Prove it, 'cause we're not here to see you.' We came out with 'Hellraisers Ball' [originally written and recorded by L.A. GUNS] and it's a real power punch to the jaw. By the 2nd song kids were filing down from the back and the balcony. By the third song, there was a nice mosh-pit that grew and grew. These shows were for us musically, not egotistically, but it feels good to have seen 14-21-year-olds fucking lose the mind to our brand of music... It's a good sign, I would assume… The BRIDES' newer music is faster and harder and it feels natural to us.

"The band isn't rehearsing or recording until January 3rd. We're gonna demo a bunch of new stuff then, and book 7-10 shows in late January/February to work out all the songs before we record (hopefully the album). We plan on cutting the album live off the floor. We refuse to sit in the studio and let the music get bloated and polished.

"I hope a couple of you who really wanted to got in, got in. I know the shows were mostly sold out. We're gonna look at the video we shot, and if it's half decent, we'll post a song or two so you can see the BRIDES getting de-virginized."

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