NOTHNEGAL: Debut Album Delayed, Lineup Changes Announced

May 30, 2011

Maldives-based death/black metallers NOTHNEGAL have issued the following update:

"We regret to inform that the release our debut album, which was originally intended to come out this spring, has been delayed. This was mostly due to some unforeseen problems and changes in the band's lineup.

"Fufu, who has been doing the backing vocals and [playing] guitar, has taken over the [lead] vocals and Avo is no longer part of NOTHNEGAL as he decided to leave the band after our European tour with FINNTROLL.

"We have finished recording eight songs our upcoming album and the album's sound does shift away from the sound we had on our previous release by having a more heavier thrashier sound.

"Most of the instrument tracks were laid down at our home studio, the vocals were recorded at OneManArmy Studios in Finland. The songs are currently being mixed in Canada by Greg Reely (MACHINE HEAD, FEAR FACTORY, DEVIN TOWNSEND) who [will] also be doing the mastering.

"The album would be released worldwide through Season Of Mist later this year, making it our first release through Season Of Mist and also our debut album.

"More details on the album, the release schedule and our touring plans to follow soon."

NOTHNEGAL's current lineup is as follows:

Fufu - Vocals, Guitar
Hilarl - Guitar
Marco Sneck - Keyboards/Samples
Kevin Talley - Drums

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