ODYSSEY: 'Reinventing The Past' Artwork Unveiled

March 1, 2010

Back in 1999, Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based Utopian Vision Music released a three-song self-titled EP by ODYSSEY, a band featuring Swedish multi-instrumentalist/producer Dan Swanö (NIGHTINGALE, EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH),Rick Gustafson (ex-MEMORY GARDEN),and Kenth Philipsson (DARK FUNERAL, THE PROJECT HATE). The EP has long been out of print and is a much-sought-after collector's item.

Later this year, Vic Records, which acquired the rights to the EP in 2007, will re-release this slab of epic progressive metal. The EP was remastered by Swanö and will feature no less than six brand new cover versions:

* In The Heat Of The Night (SANDRA) feat. Marcus Vanhala on lead guitar
* Eyes Of The World (RAINBOW) feat. Tino Kallioniemi on lead guitar
* Shake The Disease (DEPECHE MODE)
* At The Gallows End (CANDLEMASS)
* Gypsy (URIAH HEEP) feat. Dag Swanö on lead guitar
* Lost Horizons (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) featuring lead guitars from Vanhala and Morgan Pettersson

Commented Swanö: "Most of these songs were up for 'covering' at some earlier point in my career. The SANDRA song was destined for the cancelled ROUTE NINE full-length album. 'Eyes Of The World' was demoed once before for a cancelled NIGHTINGALE EP where we all recorded one song each and played all instruments too. 'At the Gallows End' and 'Lost Horizons' were both candidates for the cover of choice for 'Until Eternity Ends' until I accidentally stumbled on 'Invisible Sun' and felt a 'black album' treatment of that would be a far more original choice ('Lost Horizons' was also covered by MEMENTO MORI at the same time... same label)."

The cover artwork the ODYSSEY EP reissue, now titled "Reinventing The Past", was created by Ivan at Bragin Design and can be viewed below.

(Thanks: fireangel / Night Elves)

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