Original KISS Manager BILL AUCOIN To Work With LORDI?

October 14, 2006

According to KissNews.de, original KISS manager Bill Aucoin recently flew to Finland at his own expense to see Finnish Eurovision Song Contest winners LORDI rehearse and to check out the first couple of concerts on the band's current European tour with a view towards possibly managing the group.

So will Aucoin be managing LORDI now? "We don't know yet. We hope so," LORDI leader Mr. Lordi told KissNews.de. "Bill came over to see us. The chemistry betwen all of us was great."

While LORDI have great success in Europe, their records are not yet released in the USA. "The records are only available by import there. It's a record company thing," Mr. Lordi said.

During Bill Aucoin's stay in Finland, he showed LORDI a video clip of KISS' live performance of "Deuce" from 1973 on his laptop, which is going to be on the "Kissology" DVD set. So how is it? "Well, it's a black-and-white recording with one camera from 1973," Mr. Lordi said, "Bill Aucoin wanted to release it as a full concert, but KISS decided to release the footage just piece by piece."

Discussing also the questionable quality and mistakes on some official KISS DVDs, Mr. Lordi said, "I do understand better now. Unfortunately, often the profit is more important than quality standards. There is not enough time. We also have printing mistakes on the LORDI records, and it is my fault. When I sit on my computer in the middle of the night typing the text half asleep, I don't realize the mistakes, and we have to make the deadline. We have a LORDI book coming out, it has over 300 pages. It is done in Finland while we are on tour now. [It's] Friday now, and it just has to go to print on Monday, and 50 pages are not even done yet..."

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