OTEP Frontwoman: 'It Matters Not If There Are 5 People In Front Of Us Or 5000'

June 30, 2010

OTEP frontwoman Otep Shamaya has issued the following update:

"Salutations from Framingham, Massachusetts,

"I write to you today with tales of chaos and conquest deep in the savage archipelagos of the American empire.

"As always, the rugged gypsy life of a rock'n'roll poet is weird and wild, but we are blessed to have this incredible opportunity and appreciate every moment — yes, the peaks AND valleys.

"We have done many tours, played many shows, met many people (of varied backgrounds and economic statuses) but there is something very different this time. The levels of transformative energy and intensity of the audiences is new and mysterious.

"There is a seductive craving emanating from every crowd we meet. A longing for emotional and artistic release in the deep, dark, fleshy folds of spiritual intercourse. The music, the madness, the mania summoned and conjured in these live shows is beyond my ability to describe it. But I will try.

"The fans arrive amped and ready. Our energies converge (like phantoms) in electrical pulses as the membranes of our expectations and excitement grow and collide. The anticipation is deadly. The lights darken, the music erupts, and voices and souls explode into the limitless atmosphere.

"In those darkened moments of extreme radiance, we exist in all forms, in all times, past, present and future: 'all that was, all that is, all that will ever be.'


"We are no longer slaves to our senses, we are no longer bound to the judgements of others, we are no longer anchored to our fears or sorrow. No! We've nosedived into the swirling, churning deluge of art and music and suddenly we are eternal.

"It matters not if there are 5 people in front of us or 5000. It is the passion, the intensity, and belief that matter. This is a tour I will not soon forget. Every show counts, every fan counts. Thank you for believing.

"Music saves."

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