OVERKILL Frontman Speaks Out

January 18, 2002

OVERKILL frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth has posted the following update on the band's activities via the group's official web site at www.wreckingcrew.com:

“Well, seems like a long time sine I've written/updated you guys...it has. The truth of the matter is 'no rest for the weary', had a bunch of shit in the mix...let some of it out before it was 100% and it came back to bite me in the ass, through cancellation. In any case, such is life, full of f.cking disappointment, so we treasure those simple moments that put the smile where it belongs. Those moments give me the inspiration to search for more of them...I am a selfish bastard.

“We had recently been put in a position to make band altering decisions...in short, label changes. Though our 'run' with CMC [Records] was quite positive, the merger with Sanctuary put us back in the 'crowded room'. I don't know about you guys, but I am just sick to f.cking death with the reunion thing...stay the f.ck home, you sucked in the 80's. I tell you it's like 1000 guys fighting over 2 urinals...eventually I am just going to piss where I'm standing. I guess we did...and got noticed...I am happy and proud to announce our new partnership with SPITFIRE RECORDS, out of NY. Paul Bibeau the pres. & founder of this fine institution has made it possible for us to continue doing what we do. The enthusiasm and hunger at SPITFIRE, is evident in the fact that they are letting us do what we think is necessary for the band... Definitely the way we like to work. We have already put the wheels in motion... March 23, 2002, at the Paramount Theater, in Asbury Park, NJ, is the date slated for our second 'LIVE' recording, for release. Also, the show will be video taped for an upcoming DVD release, that will contain the 90 minutes of footage compiled in the vid... Batmen...The Return, an historical view of the band.

“We have also scored a new booking agent in Europe....they are on the ball, as we will be appearing in many of the major Euro-Fests this coming summer...including Bang Your Head (Ger),With Full Force (Ger),Roskilde (DK),as well as a few more being worked into the mix. It also looks like a return to Turkey and our first trip to Greece are being planned, but at this time are UNCONFIRMED.

“U.S. dates will follow the release of the Live Record.....the west???? Don't know...always hit the promoters....they have to show a sincere interest in the band if we are going to venture out. But again...we continue to try.

“It has taken some time to put this all together...but in my opinion well worth it. We have been able to continue on our journey, this far because of many of the decisions made in the past, and I am confident that this will fall among them.

“I will be more diligent in the sharing of info, as these events come closer. BB

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