OZZY And SHARON Excrement Figures Now Available

April 22, 2004

World Entertainment News Network is reporting that a quirky Californian lady has turned Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne into wacky toys — made out of horse excrement.

Karen Engelmann, who runs Web site www.turdbirds.com, makes bird-like figures out of horse feces she collects near her home in Lodi.

And Sharon Osbourne was so impressed with her gift, she called Engelmann during one of her recent talk shows to get more information.

Engelmann explained, "I was really stuck one year for presents for a group of friends and they turned out to be a hit.

"I have to go and collect each and every specimen. I have abandoned barbecue tongs and yellow dishwashing gloves and tote bags and I won't touch them until I've coated them in plastic."

The Sharon and Ozzy TurdBirds (photos),which come complete with leather and leopard-skin outfits, are Engelmann's first celebrity offering.

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