OZZY OSBOURNE's Eldest Daughter Breaks Silence In Prime Time Interview

November 6, 2002

The following item appeared in today's edition of the New York Post:

Tonight, when [Barbara Walters] spends her exclusive hour with the first family of reality TV — the Osbournes — she'll be seen getting Sharon's eldest, Aimee, to talk. As you may know, Aimee elected not to be part of the reality series. But she tells Barbara, "I'm not some weirdo depressed daughter that's afraid of the world - that locks herself in her room all day. I just didn't choose to do the show. That's the only thing that's different about me and my family."

Aimee says her mother was hurt when she decided not to participate, but "it's kind of like OK, I want to be a singer. And I felt if I would have stayed with the Osbournes and done the whole Osbourne thing . . . I would have been typecasted right away before I had a chance to experience other things . . . I'm more reserved . . . my private life is very important . . . my whole life, everything's been so exposed. So I feel as now I'm at an age and a time in my life where I can make that choice."

Aimee says her family embarrasses her and she realizes that sister Kelly got a recording contract and she didn't. Aimee adds, "She has a talent, and why shouldn't she?" Of her dad, she says he is "incredibly unique . . . talented . . . misunderstood. . . . Drugs, alcohol and stress has definitely taken its toll on him . . . seeing him struggle to stay sober is more painful than actually watching him drink."

When Barbara asks what would happen to Ozzy without Sharon, Aimee says, "I don't think he would last more than a year without her. No, no doubt in my mind."

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