P.O.D.: Energized And Reborn

May 15, 2003

P.O.D. are currently in the recording studio with producer Howard Benson, who worked on the band's last album, "Satellite", and their 1999 breakthrough LP, "The Fundamental Elements of Southtown". They've started laying down drum tracks for 17 new songs for an album that's scheduled to come out November 4.

"We went into the studio with more songs this time than we've ever gone in with," bassist Traa told MTV.com. "We normally go in with like seven songs and write in the studio. There are some bands that go on tour, and they write their songs in the back of the bus. For us, that's too old. People write songs a year ago and try to put them on an album. That doesn't work for us."

The as-yet-untitled CD will be the group's first without founding guitarist Marcos Curiel, who parted ways with the band in February. He has since been replaced by former LIVING SACRIFICE axeman Jason Truby.

"We're so energized, dude," drummer Wuv said. "We feel reborn and we can't wait to play new notes for people to hear."

"The bottom line is, I don't play like Marcos. I play like I play, and these guys have been cool with that," Truby said. "I've got a whole lot of interesting influences [to add to the picture] like THE POLICE or U2, and then when you fuse that with things out of jazz or classical music, you got a little flavor. These guys are top-of-the-line professionals at what they do, so that's made it really easy to fuse with them."

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