P.O.D.: 'Recording Of Our Next Album Is Going Smooth'

April 8, 2007

Spiritual rockers P.O.D. (a.k.a. PAYABLE ON DEATH) have issued the following update:

"The recording of our next album is going smooth. Sorry that we have not kept you guys informed, but being in the studio is keeping the band occupied. Early last week they invited some of the Columbia and INO execs along with the promotions crew family to hear some of the rough cuts. It was an exciting time. Like waiting to see your favorite old movie that you have not seen for a few years. Once the first strum of the guitar hit, smiles hit everyone's faces and it was very evident that MARCOS IS BACK!

"We will be releasing some videos of Marcos from that night within a few days. He is excited to be back and can't wait to rock with all of you again.

"Many of you will ask: What does the new stuff sound like? The new stuff we heard is very HEAVY and blew us away.... the room was vibrating with the new P.O.D. LOVE!!"

INO and Columbia Records recently announced a partnership with P.O.D., fresh off the heels of their New Year's Eve performance in Times Square. This event marked guitarist Marcos Curiel's first performance with P.O.D. in nearly four years.

Curiel parted ways with the Christian rap-rockers in February of 2003 and later slammed the band, telling MTV.com, "With P.O.D., things were supposedly handled in the name of God, but they were actually handled in the name of greed."

He went on to form a new band called THE ACCIDENT EXPERIMENT, while P.O.D. recruited ex-LIVING SACRIFICE axeman Jason Truby to play on its last two studio albums, 2003's "Payable On Death" and 2005's "Testify". Truby exited the group once Curiel's return was made official.

"Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years", P.O.D.'s final release through Atlantic Records, arrived in stores in November. It features the brand new track "Going in Blind".

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