PAMELA MOORE: New Song Available For Download

March 26, 2007

Singer Pamela Moore — best known for her performance as Sister Mary on QUEENSRŸCHE's 1988 epic concept album "Operation: Mindcrime" and last year's epic sequel "Operation: Mindcrime II" — has posted a fifth song titled "Shotdown" on her MySpace page. The song is taken from her recent CD, titled "Stories from a Blue Room", which was released in late 2006.

"Stories from a Blue Room" was helmed by Grammy Award-winning producer Neil Kernon and features 11 songs that were co-written by Benjamin Anderson (ex-RORSCHACH TEST). The recording and mixing took place at Sonic Ranch Studios and Robert Lang Studios with Jason Kowalski (N17, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS) on drums, Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE) on guitar, Michael Wilton (QUEENSRŸCHE, SOULBENDER) and Anderson, Brian Gordon (ION VEIN) on bass and even some backing vocals provided by Terri Nunn (BERLIN).

Despite her rise to stardom through her dramatic and captivating portrayal of Sister Mary in "Operation: Mindcrime", Pamela Moore has also found fame in her own right, having released her own recordings, contributed her voice to various radio and television commercials, and has a background in theater.

Pamela was given the opportunity to record her first album with a now defunct Seattle-based record label First American Records. Her first release, 1981's "Take a Look", did very well regionally and was one of the stepping stones that led her down the path she finds herself now. A second LP, "You Wont Find Me There", which was released in 1982, never had a chance to surface as the company folded just after its release. Billboard magazine penned her as an AOR, blue-eyed soul artist, destined for success which was a far cry from what was to be her most memorable endeavor, QUEENSRŸCHE.

After the immense success of the "Operation: Mindcrime" world tour, Pamela moved on to other endeavors such as recording songs with a band called RADAR out of New York, living there for two years to work on her craft before returning home to Seattle. RADAR released its debut album, "RPM", in 2000. Other projects Pamela has been involved with are include work with Brian Johnson of AC/DC, singing backup on a few selected concerts with Paul Rodgers of BAD COMPANY and QUEEN, and cameo stage appearances with her cousin, Terri Nunn of BERLIN.

(Thanks: Andrew / The Space Lord)

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