PAPA ROACH Frontman On 'Infest' 20th-Anniversary Celebration: That Album 'Needs To Be Celebrated'

June 25, 2019

PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix spoke to Austria's Mulatschag TV about the band's plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its breakthrough album, 2000's "Infest", next year. He said (see video below): "We don't have exact details on what we're gonna do. We definitely know that we wanna celebrate that record. It needs to be celebrated. It's a classic — cult classic, best seller, fucking awesome record. We sold millions and millions and millions and millions of that record, so we've gotta celebrate that one."

Shaddix previously told HardDrive Radio that the "Infest" 20th-anniversary concert will take place on April 25, 2020.

"We're gonna have a throwdown on that [day]," he said. "We're gonna do, I think, a one-night, big… play the record in its entirety, throw down. I'd like to do it in Northern California somewhere. And I've got a few ideas, but I kind of feel like I wanna do this without any promoters or anybody and do it full-on DIY style, like we used to do it back in the day. It just seems like the right thing to do."

Asked if it feels like it's been 20 years since "Infest" came out, Shaddix said: "It does and it doesn't, because when I start to catalog all the experiences and places, it feels like a long time. But then, when I just run it past myself, I'm, like, 'It's just like a blink of an eye. I was there and now I'm here.'

Shaddix told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that PAPA ROACH was quite a different band in the early days before "Infest" put them on the map. "Oh my God, we sucked!" he said. "We were horrible. We were the sloppiest band. Back then we didn't do it for a career, we just did it 'cause we just want to have fun."

The band's second full-length record and first major label release, "Infest" peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart and has been certified triple platinum for sales of three million copies in the U.S. alone. It featured the massive hit single "Last Resort".

On the enduring popularity of "Last Resort", which recently passed 100 million views on YouTube, Shaddix told told Michigan's Z93: "One of my best friends, he tried to kill himself. We lived in a house together. I'm 17 years old, and my best friend tried to kill himself. And it was a traumatic experience. I sing the song from a first-person point of view just to make it... This is how I write music. It's just crazy how many people have used that song as a source of strength."

PAPA ROACH's latest album, "Who Do You Trust?", arrived in January.

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