PAPA ROACH's JACOBY SHADDIX: 'I Hate When I Go Watch A Band And It's Like Watching Paint Dry'

May 12, 2022

PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix spoke to Matt Pinfield of 95.5 KLOS's "New & Approved" show about his high-energy approach to performing live, perfected on stages throughout his native California and all over the world. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "For me, innately it's just coded in my DNA, to be completely honest. I've got that go-off switch. And when I flip the switch and I get on stage, I throw down. That's where it comes from; it's just in me. And as far as my regimen and whatnot, I try to stay fit, decently fit. If I can run eight miles before a tour, if I can go out in an afternoon, go knock out eight miles and not be destroyed, I'm ready for a tour. That means I've got enough cardio to be able to sing and do that. So that's a real good marker for me. Plus, running for me is just a great way to untangle the ball of yarn, the tangled up knots in my mind. And so it's real healthy mentally as well."

Jacoby continued: "All the greatest frontmen that I've ever admired have all been live-wire-style frontmen that just have energy and that bring that energy to the stage. And I'm inspired by that. I wanna give the fans a throwdown rock and roll show when they come out. I hate when I go watch a band and it's like watching paint dry. I wanna be entertained, I wanna feel like I'm part of it. And that high energy is my way to almost make people feel comfortable. Like, 'Loosen up, people. We can do this together, man. This is a moment we can share. Let's throw down. Let's dance.' And I feel like when your heart gets up to a certain place and you start sweatin' and everybody's movin' and groovin' to the same beat, there's magic in there, there's magic in that moment. And I love to be the facilitator of that. When Michael Jordan was just killing it back in the day and just scoring gazillions of points every game and he was getting in the zone, I feel like I'm in — for a rock singer, it's the zone for me. And I hear the crowd screaming back, and there's this connection, there's this palatable energy in the room."

PAPA ROACH's new album, "Ego Trip", was released on April 8 via New Noize Records in partnership with ADA Worldwide (WMG's independent label and artist services arm).

The seeds of "Ego Trip" were planted when the quartet entered a COVID-secure mansion in Temecula, California in the summer of 2020. What started as an escape and an exercise in keeping the creative juices flowing, in a world that had completely ground to a halt, quickly grew into something bigger.

Two months ago, PAPA ROACH kicked off its North American "Kill The Noise" tour, featuring very special guests HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD and BAD WOLVES, with a sold-out show in Anaheim, California. The tour, produced by Live Nation, marked the band's first headlining tour in three years.

PAPA ROACH's second greatest-hits collection, "Greatest Hits Vol. 2: The Better Noise Years", was released in March 2021 on Better Noise Music. "Greatest Hits Vol. 2 - The Better Noise Years" included 12 of the band's top 10 hits released between 2010 to 2019 as well as three previously unreleased remixes and two unreleased acoustic recordings recorded live at the YouTube Studios in New York City.

In December 2020, PAPA ROACH released a five-song EP, "20/20", featuring "new takes on old jams," including "Last Resort" and "Scars".

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