PAUL STANLEY Defends KISS' Right To Continue Using 'Catman' And 'Spaceman' Makeup

September 29, 2009

Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe conducted an interview last week with KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Boston Globe: Congratulations on the nomination [for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame]. How are you feeling about it?

Stanley: There's a long way between a nomination and induction. That being said, this is really something that I think is exciting. There is a very vocal segment of KISS fans and rock fans who have wanted us in. And so for them I'm very, very pleased.

The Boston Globe: What was the impetus for the new album, since you probably could've carried on successfully as you have until you retired?

Stanley: I think this lineup [with drummer Eric Singer and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer] is so terrific and being in the midst of our most successful, biggest tour ever . . . it was so obvious, not only to me, but to the fans, how great the band is and how quintessentially we are KISS. For me it was just a matter of one stumbling block, and that would be me producing the album. It really was about, at this point, making sure that I didn't have to make apologies for something that came out.

The Boston Globe: Why have Eric and Tommy wear Ace and Peter's makeup? Were the characters they came up with just really lame, like sunflower man or something?

Stanley: We've built those characters over 35 years and the idea that anybody owns those is ridiculous. We were there when they were created and we've worked our butts off for 35 years, so the idea that we should have "snail man" in the band is ridiculous. We did that at one point and realized that it really was a disservice to the fans because the fans know those four iconic figures. That's KISS to everybody, and whether someday somebody wears my makeup, I'd consider it an honor, quite honestly. It would mean that the band is continuing with the same philosophy and thriving without me.

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