PAUL STANLEY: 'When I Paint, The Options Are Limitless'

December 29, 2007

Richard Clough of the Los Angeles Business Journal recently spoke to KISS frontman Paul Stanley about Paul's new career as a painter, putting acrylic on canvas in a private studio next to the pool behind his posh Beverly Hills home.

Since exhibiting his work through the Wentworth Gallery chain in February, Stanley has sold roughly $2 million in original paintings and prints, with pieces going for as much as $75,000.

"The amount of sales has been staggering," the soft-spoken rock icon said recently at his house. "That, to me, is a symbol of people embracing the art. But if I look at it purely as dollars, then I move away from what got me into this in the first place."

His subjects range from his father to the Statue of Liberty to abstract shapes - anything, he said, that reflects his emotional state at the time. It's different from songwriting, however.

"When I paint, the options are limitless — there is no framework, except the edge of the canvas, and anything I can do in there is up to me," he said. "In songwriting, there are very set rules."

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