PEARL JAM's Digs May Get The Dump

May 22, 2006

The Associated Press is reporting that PEARL JAM's new Seattle headquarters could face demolition because of the city's plans to build a dump.

"We hadn't even finished unpacking and moving into our new space when we heard about the city's waste management site," spokeswoman Nicole Vandenberg said Saturday in an e-mail to The Associated Press from Cleveland, where the band was on tour. "We were surprised and saddened by the news on many levels."

Now area residents, many of whom have worked for years to spruce up the area, are hoping their high-profile neighbours will help fight the plan.

"Eddie Vedder's for the little guy, and PEARL JAM would have a lot of clout," neighbor John Bennett told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for a front-page story Saturday.

Vandenberg did not comment on whether the band would take a side in the fight. She said the band moved into the warehouse in December and learned of the plans in late January. PEARL JAM expects to spend most of this year touring in support of their new self-titled album.

Seattle Public Utilities would like to build a $70 million U.S. transfer station on the site, which is near the King County Regional Airport. It was the preferred site out of 1,000 considered.

The plan has not yet been approved by the city council.

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