PEARL JAM Will Self-Release Next Album

February 9, 2009

The Pulse of Radio reports that PEARL JAM will release its ninth studio album on its own, according to Following its departure from longtime home Epic Records several years ago, the group signed a one-album deal with RCA/J Records for 2006's self-titled eighth effort, which wound up selling 704,000 copies. Now the band has confirmed that it will issue its next outing without a label, although other details are scarce. Singer Eddie Vedder told, "The new record feels good so far — really strong and uptempo, stuff we can sink our teeth into."

The group is about to begin a two-week studio session in Los Angeles with longtime friend and producer Brendan O'Brien, whose last album with the band was 1998's "Yield".

Bassist Jeff Ament said that the non-singing members of PEARL JAM laid down some musical tracks in December, and that Vedder "put rough vocals on about half the stuff we worked on . . . . There's a handful of really great lyrics. Lyrically, that stuff is in the embryonic stage, but there's a handful of lines and a couple of choruses that are just really great. He keeps getting better."

PEARL JAM expects to release the new album sometime in 2009.

Meanwhile, a deluxe edition of the group's 1991 debut album, "Ten", will arrive on March 24 in four different versions. Each version will include the remastered original album, a completely new remix by O'Brien and six previously unreleased songs from the same period, while different configurations will contain a live DVD, a vinyl copy of the album and a duplicate copy of the original 1990 PEARL JAM demo on cassette.

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