November 17, 2002


Peavey Electronics Corp., is proud to introduce the Edward Van Halen Custom Shop. That totally tricked-out, customized Wolfgang electric guitar you've been pining for all these years is now only a few mouse clicks away at

Peavey's EVH Custom Shop offers guitarists a brilliantly simplistic online user interface where they can quickly and easily 'mouse click' the handmade Wolfgang Guitar of their dreams into reality. The Wolfgang customization process takes the guitarist through every conceivable feature option offered, from hand-selected body woods and book-matched top materials to hand-painted finishes to meticulously installed body, neck and headstock binding, to one-of-a-kind neck inlays.

In a six step process, a guitarist chooses one of the four Wolfgang body styles, Custom Deluxe, Custom, Special Custom Deluxe, or Special Custom, and then adds the bridge and hardware, body wood, top material (for deluxe models only),fretboard, inlays, headstock and binding. Every step of the design process offers the guitarist a wide selection of body and top woods, hardware finishes, fretboard
materials, a huge range of Metallic, Transparent and Solid body finishes, as well as a custom paint shop that offers airbrushing and custom graphics.

The EVH Custom Shop is fully supported with highly detailed and complete 'Help' interface that can assist the guitarist at every step of the design process. Not clear on what kind of tone you're going to get from woods such as Koa or Alder? Click the "Help" button for an accurate description of the five types of body woods offered. Wondering how that Gold Floyd Rose tremolo is going to look on that red transparent finish? Click the "Preview" button to watch your dream Wolfgang take shape at every stage of the design process. As the guitarist selects from the wide range of options and accruements, the dream Wolfgang is simultaneously priced out as each feature is added.

Once the online custom order is complete or the available instrument is selected for purchase, with a click of the "Buy It" button and the entering of the billing and shipping information the online purchase is quickly completed with the Peavey dealer of guitarist's choice. The EVH Custom Shop Vault also features an available online inventory of Wolfgang guitars that are just waiting to find a happy home. provides musicians with a massively expanded Peavey dealer network by offering blisteringly simple and immediate method of locating and purchasing Peavey equipment. In an unprecedented move to dramatically improve the musician's access to the Peavey gear of their dreams, has linked the entire Peavey dealer network to create the most efficient and comprehensive one-stop destination to research, locate and purchase Peavey products from the Peavey dealer of their choice.

Once the musician has found the Peavey gear they want to own at, the Peavey Product Zip Code Search Engine seamlessly puts them in contact with the three closest local or regional authorized Peavey dealers. With a click of the 'Buy It' button and the entering of the billing and shipping information the online purchase is quickly completed. All Peavey gear ordered through can be picked-up at the dealer's location or shipped to the musician from the dealer via UPS or the insured freight carrier of the musician's choice.

Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment in the world. Peavey holds more than 130 patents and produces more than 2,000 products, which are distributed throughout the United States and to 134 other countries. To find out more about Peavey Electronics and its artists, visit

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