PEGAZUS To Release First-Ever DVD

November 19, 2002

Australia's PEGAZUS are in the process of putting together a very special video/DVD package for release in 2003. "This special video/DVD package will be a retrospective covering basically the whole history of PEGAZUS so far!" wrote guitarist Johnny Stoj on the band's official web site. "It will go as far back as the earliest days when Australia's Heavy Metal Kings came to realize a dream in late 1993. Not many fans or people are actually aware but we actually have made a total of six video clips over the years and some of these have never been seen outside of Australia really...probably for a good reason too...hahaha :o) The first ever two clips are from the self-titled debut album era in 1995 with Justin Fleming on vocals. The next three videos were with Danny Cecati from our Nuclear Blast debut 'Wings Of Destiny' album in 1998. And now in 2002 we have the NEW video for 'The Headless Horseman' with Rob Thompson on vocals. In the PEGAZUS video archives, we have live footage from about 75% of our live shows from the very first ever live show on August 5th 1994 right up to the recent album launch earlier this year, so we plan on putting together a totally cool package for you guys! Lots of special and funny moments behind the scenes of making the video clips, backstage at live shows, meeting the fans at shows, on tour with HAMMERFALL and PRIMAL FEAR in Europe in 1998, live at Wacken Open Air in 1998, special live performances with guests on stage like in Bochum, Germany where we got to play the classic ACCEPT song 'Restless & Wild' with the great Udo Dirkschneider. There is so much stuff I probably have forgotten to mention and can't remember off the top of my head right now but we will get down to the final planning stages of all this very, very soon! :o)"

In the meantime, PEGAZUS have posted their video for "The Headless Horseman" for viewing in streaming Windows Media format at this location.

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