PERPETUAL DEATH MODE: Former NFL Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman KYLE TURLEY Blasting Away

June 19, 2005

Kyle Turley, a former NFL Pro Bowl offensive lineman, is currently pounding the skins for the Phoenix, Arizona-based death/thrash metal quartet PERPETUAL DEATH MODE. The group, who have been ripping up the Phoenix area "with aggression" in the last few weeks, have just launched their official web site,

"Our music is super heavy, super hard and super fast," Turley recently told the Sports Illustrated web site "It's bad-ass, man. And yeah, I've gotta take the shirt off, so I can show off my f---- abs."

PERPETUAL DEATH MODE's web site currently includes audio and video of such songs as "Purgatory Falls", "Killswitch" and "Front Lines". After Kyle returns from filming the horror movie "Seventy Five" in mid-July, the band will begin the second leg of their inaugural tour.

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