PHILIP ANSELMO: 'I'm Clean As A Whistle'

August 16, 2003

SUPERJOINT RITUAL frontman Philip Anselmo recently told Dave Ferman of the Dallas Star-Telegram that he has been "clean as a whistle" for more than a year and that one of his joys now is working out. A lot.

"I work out three times a week, and I'm strong as an ox," he said. "I love to work out and get the toxins out of my body and wash them away. I found a high within myself."

SUPERJOINT's current touring activity means that PANTERA is done — probably for good. Anselmo says he feels "no animosity whatsoever" toward any of the band members, and that his time in the band was "some of the best years of my life." But, he says, he's not looking back.

"Every time we've played Dallas, it's been very successful," he said. "Know this — if and when SUPERJOINT RITUAL becomes bigger than they are and has the opportunity to book themselves into the finest hotels and take flights here and there and play Smirnoff [in Dallas], if we ever have that opportunity, I'd much, much, much rather play a smaller venue for more nights, three nights in a row or so. That's how willing I am to keep this band truthful and for the underground kids — this is strictly for them and myself." Read more.

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