PHILIP ANSELMO On DIMEBAG: 'I Know I Will Never Have Another Person Like This In My Life'

March 26, 2010

Justin M. Norton of recently conducted an interview with Philip Anselmo (DOWN, PANTERA, Housecore Records). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Housecore Records was started two years ago. What do you have planned for the label in the coming year?

Anselmo: It's going to be brought to the next level, mainly because the projects we are working with have their stuff together. A lot of bands find themselves trying to meet deadlines and regretting a record later. I've been in that position a bunch of times. There's always stuff on a record you think you could have done better. I like my bands to be relaxed and happy with their product, so I don't put any time limits on them. Like Orson Welles said in the commercial, "We shall sell no wine before its time." One of the best known bands on the roster is EYEHATEGOD. Do you see their next album being released on your label?

Anselmo: That's always been the plan. I won't hold anyone to anything. I can say yes, but if it didn't happen there would be no skin. But going with the more positive "yes, it is" direction — they've had these five songs floating out there. I have the demos at home so I know they have the stuff. I think they'll have an opportunity to do a few different runs even though they'll be touring Europe. They are busy. But I'm looking forward to it. If there is anybody out there that screams at (guitarist) Jimmy Bower to get in there and do the record, it's me. He always has an answer, even if it isn't what I want to hear. Would that be your breakthrough release?

Anselmo: I would say them, or CROWBAR. We have so many contrasting styles on the label now. That will be more evident in the upcoming year. Anything is possible. As far as a breakthrough records, the fact that EYEHATEGOD is well known certainly doesn't hurt. They are an established act, but we have new bands that will appeal to certain audiences as well and are great at what they do. There is always potential. Not to mention… if I do something, and I'm going to create something, I'll do it on my label. Do you see yourself moving away from music and more into a supportive role by managing the label and producing artists or will music continue to be a significant part of your life?

Anselmo: I can't let go of music, nor should I. I'm playing guitar with ARSON ANTHEM and our second album will be out this year, sometime in early June. The record is called "Insecurity Notoriety". Mike (Williams) from EYEHATEGOD sings and Hank III plays drums. ARSON ANTHEM is something I love to do. I love playing guitar and writing guitar parts and I need to keep jamming. I've got a fire in my belly. By the end of the year, DOWN might be writing new stuff. I see many things in the future and it's good to have things to look forward to. A lot had been written this year about the fifth anniversary of Dime's [PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott] passing. Is it difficult to revisit what's one of the most difficult experiences of your life?

Anselmo: Each year gets harder. This was a very tough year and a very tough December. When an artist dies that means so much to people he doesn't go away. You still hear about Elvis. We hear about Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Layne Staley. The list is long and it's a sad one. It is hard for me? I respect the love. I know I will never have another person like this in my life… Dimebag Darrell. To know that there is no tomorrow with him in it is crushing. He was a man of the world and a man of the people. He was very real, very vibrant. So it get tougher every year. I keep my PANTERA and Dimebag to me. That's Phil's stuff. I have so many recordings that the world will never hear…well, I can't say ever. I have recordings of us doing the most ridiculous things. Traditional thinking would be to shrink wrap it and sell it, but Housecore is a new chapter, a new page.

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