POWERGOD: 'Metal Lesson II' Tribute Album Track Listing Revealed

June 3, 2005

Germany's POWERGOD will be releasing their new '80s metal tribute album, "Long Live The Loud – That's Metal Lesson II", in July via Massacre Records. The complete track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Fall Out / Long Live The Loud (originally performed by EXCITER)
02. Screams from the Grave (originally performed by ABATTOIR)
03. Mind Over Metal (originally performed by RAVEN, feat. John Gallagher (RAVEN) on vocals and Hannes "G. Laber" Holzmann (J.B.O.) on lead guitar)
04. Heavy Chains (originally performed by LOUDNESS, feat. Minoru Niihara (LOUDNESS) on vocals and Rod Gonzales (DIE ÄRZTE) on lead guitar)
05. Bombs Of Death (originally performed by HIRAX)
06. Rocking Through the Night (originally performed by ROSY VISTA, feat. Andrea Schwarz and Anca Graterol (ROSY VISTA) on vocals and lead guitar)
07. I'd Rather Be Sleeping (originally performed by D.R.I.)
08. Ready to Rock (originally performed by WENDY O WILLIAMS)
09. Motormount (originally performed by ANVIL, feat. Lips (ANVIL) on vocals and lead guitar and Ferdy Doernberg (AXEL RUDI PELL) on pedal steel guitar)
10. Better Off Dead (originally performed by HELLION)
11. Deathrider (originally performed by OMEN)
12. Total Desaster (originally performed by DESTRUCTION, feat. Schmier (DESTRUCTION) on vocals)
13. Cutt Your Heart Out (originally performed by ROUGH CUTT, feat. Peter Fischer (Germany's guitar teacher No. 1) on lead guitar)
14. The War Drags Ever On (originally performed by TANK, feat. Tom Angelripper (SODOM) on vocals)

In other news, POWERGOD will be playing two festivals this year. On July 21, the band will headline the opening night at the Earthshaker Fest with a 90-minute tribute set\ featuring just classic '80s underground stuff. They will also be joined by guests Schmier (DESTRUCTION),Tom Angelripper (SODOM),Minoru Niihara (LOUDNESS) and Rod Gonzales (DIE ÄRZTE). On November 4, POWERGOD will play at the Keep It True Festival alongside RAVEN, among many others.

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