Preteen Heavy Metal Band UNLOCKING THE TRUTH Profiled In CNN Report (Video)

December 29, 2013

Victor Blackwell of CNN recently sat down with UNLOCKING THE TRUTH — a heavy metal band from Flatbush, Brooklyn made up of African American pre-teen boys — to talk about their mission to rock your socks off. Check out his report below.

"Heavy metal is in our blood because this is what we like to do," UNLOCKING THE TRUTH's Jarad Dawkins told Paper magazine. "Heavy metal is the music that lifts us up when we are down. Heavy metal is the music to get all our emotions out. This music is everything to me. Japanese animated TV shows and wrestling are the reasons why this music is in our blood. The music in the background inspired us to play metal."

"I don't like doing the same things that everybody else is doing. I want to do my own thing," added his bandmate Malcolm Brickhouse.

In 2007, Brickhouse and Dawkins started a metal band known as TEARS OF BLOOD. They have since joined forces with bassist Alec Atkins in UNLOCKING THE TRUTH, which regularly busks in Times Square.

"I do see us having a unique purpose," said Jarad. "Our music has this good message for all people that feel like they are being bullied, or people who want to be free. I think that our music is for everybody."

"The message I want to convey in my music is to be free, do what you want to do, and get back up if you get pushed down," added Malcolm. "If you're following others, then you're not being yourself and it's okay to be different."

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