PRIMER 55 Split Up!

January 1, 2003

PRIMER 55 have announced their decision to disband "due to creative and personal issues."

The band, who recently completed the Jagermeister $12 Riot U.S. tour with DOPE, had previously issued two full-length albums through the Island/Def Jam label.

The following is guitarist Bobby Burns' statement on the split:

"Hey everyone... What I'm about to tell you all I say with a heavy heart.... It has been talked over and it has been decided that P55 will disband due to creative and personal issues...This decision has been in the works for a very long time can't be resolved.. and only now, on the eve of a brand new year we see fit to call it a day.. It's better to do it now so we can still remain friends rather than later.... It's been a very, very fun but rough road at times and I think I can speak for Jason and Preston when I say that we're proud of what we've done and we're proud of the records.... but it's just time for all of us to move on to different things.... I have no plans at all to quit music.. it's the only thing I know how to do... I think J will be taking a little time away however.... and Preston I'm sure will remain in music as well.... We've talked about doing one last tour for you guys which if it happens will probably kick off late January / early Febuary... We'll only be getting together to do this tour for YOU to say THANK YOU for the dedication and support that you all have shown us... Stick close to the site ( for more details..... As for myself, most of you know that I've been involved in various musical projects that I'll be pursuing full time now. For info on all of that you can check out or for all the latest. In closing, I'd just like to say that over the past few years I've made some of the best friends that anyone could ever ask for all over the fucking world and I love you all very much.... I'll be back, don't worry I'm not dead yet."

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