PROTOTYPE Putting Finishing Touches On New Album

March 28, 2005

Los Angeles-based progressive thrash metal band PROTOTYPE are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their second album, "Continuum". Drums for the CD were recorded at Steve Vai's Mothership studio in Hollywood, CA by original drummer Damion Ramirez, while the remaining tracks were laid down at the band's own Utopia studio. Producer Neil Kernon (NEVERMORE, QUEENSRĊ¸CHE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, NILE) will mix "Continuum" in April and artwork will once again be created by artist Travis Smith. Songtitles for the new album include "The Way it Ends", "With Vision", "Probe" and "Devotion". PROTOTYPE hope to have "Continuum" available worldwide by late summer or early fall 2005.

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