PUDDLE OF MUDD Singer Speaks Out On Toledo Incident

March 5, 2004

PUDDLE OF MUDD frontman has spoken to MTV.com about the incident in Toledo, Ohio last month when he was arrested by police following an abbreviated performance after announcing he was "too fucked up" to play.

During that show, Scantlin's bandmates left the stage in disgust after four songs, but the singer remained and slurred his way through another half-hour of virtually unrecognizable material.

"I guess they wanted to make an example out of somebody, so they picked me," Scantlin told MTV.com. "But I didn't do anything violent. I wasn't possessing any type of substances. I just got a little too buzzed to play my guitar and sing at the same time. And I apologized to the crowd 10 times before I walked offstage.

"I dumped a plastic bottle of water on my head, and then I just tossed it into the crowd," the singer said. "You could hit yourself in the kneecap 100 times with that bottle and it wouldn't do anything."

Scantlin also refuted media reports that he received additional charges of criminal mischief and misconduct involving a public transportation system for allegedly spitting in a patrol car on the way to his booking. "I just can't believe [the media] said I spit on people, man. They're just looking for a story. They want to make the story interesting or demented, so they have to make up something and put it out there. And the next thing you know, I'm the scapegoat and I'm the guy that they blame."

"Out of playing over 400 shows in the last four years of my life, one of them kind of didn't go very well and I had a bad day," he said. "And I feel really bad for all the fans who had to come to the show to see the bad day happen."

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